Feeling A Way

So like, who else is high key struggling during this quarantine? This entire thing has had me feeling A WAY. For me, I went from sharing a bus with 9 of the funniest, kindest, most loving and energetic people ever, to coming home to isolation, social distancing, and self-quarantine due to coronavirus, and can I say it has been a challenge, to say the least. I didn’t realize how much I thrive off of being around people whose company I enjoy, cracking jokes constantly with people who get my humor and share the same one, constantly being checked up on and asked if I’m okay & need anything. This level of isolation has honestly been quite difficult for me and some days it truly is a fight to find that same joy I felt when I was on tour and just when things were normal. 

One thing that has been getting me through is finding/doing things that make me the happiest that doesn’t involve people. For me, that is reading a good book, learning a new song on my guitar, drinking my favorite tea, catching up on my favorite TV shows. I’ve also started working out every other day and surprisingly I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it (whaaaat is happening? lol covid-19 got me acting different). But I’m finding that the little things I neglected in the ripping and running of everyday life have been really doing something to me now that I’m stuck in. I feel like I am coming to know myself better through just planning out my days at home, maximizing my time, and finding new ways to bring myself joy. I’ve been able to take time to really think more. I’ve been asking myself difficult questions & I’ve had to confront a lot of insecurities, fears, and feelings I had deep down. Not gonna lie, at first I was not here for it at all and viewed it as this negative thing. Like I just got home from this powerful tour where people’s lives were being radically changed and now all these negative thoughts and feelings are popping up? I thought I was fine?!

I’ve come to the realization that, although it is an unorthodox time, this has got to be a good thing, a great thing! Maybe the you that comes out of this lockdown is gonna be totally different. You’re gonna know yourself more, be more confident, more productive, reach out and love others better, be kinder, have more patience, not take anything for granted. Even though this is a crazy, weird, uncomfortable time for a lot of us, I think it’s healthy to look at it as a time of self-reflection and growth. Learn what kinds of things you like, learn what kinds of things you don’t like, but I’ve decided I am going to make this a season of discovery. What have you been discovering about yourself or the people around you, or just life in general during this time? Let me know!


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