My First Date (With Myself)

Hey, y’all! Okay, so this week one of the things I decided to do to shrink my scared is to take myself on a date. I know that may sound really simple, not scary at all, pretty wack lol. But that is something I have been saying I’m going to start doing, and the thought of it seems extremely awkward and uncomfortable to me. Also, stranger danger is a real thing. Best BELIEVE I’m gonna have the pepper spray on deck. I have a pretty big family, as well as friends that have turned into family that I see on a daily basis, so I really don’t spend much time alone like, ever. But I think spending time out by myself is necessary for my personal growth. I believe it will really allow me to enjoy the company of me, my thoughts, and my awkward sense of humor (if you know me, you understand). One thing I’ve really been trying to put into practice is changing my perspective on spending time by myself. Like, on one hand going on a date with myself seems lonely, and awkward. But then, on the other hand, it’s like, it will only be that way if that’s how I tell myself it’ll be. If I think of it as me treating myself and enjoying time with me (who I am quite fond of) then it’s actually pretty lit! You know? I can still have a great time without the company of others. It’s really all about the way you see it. I feel like a lot of times our perspectives or perceptions of a thing are our biggest hindrances. That is why having the right perspective on certain things in life is so important, because it can literally either make or break you.  I also believe you just have to decide that the benefits that will come from doing that thing, are more important than your fear of doing it. Really just shifting your focus towards the positive outcome rather than your fear. Then nine times out of ten, you realize the thing you were scared of was not nearly as scary as you thought. And then you start to get curious. Thinking to yourself if I was scared to do that, and I conquered it, what other fears do I have that I have the power to conquer? Anyways, I want to hear from you! How is the start of your week going? Has your scared been shrunken yet? Has your special been unleashed? What is your perspective on that thing you want to do but haven’t yet done? Let me know in the comments (:

9 thoughts on “My First Date (With Myself)”

    1. Hey CHILD (in my Sarah Jakes voice)!
      I’m a 45yr old who is scared to death to drive. This is holding me back! I’m listening to your mother, step-father, and grandfather to help encourage me. HELP!!!!

      Open to suggestions


  1. This is definitely my truth! I don’t have many friends and my family is close, but not available for family, some of them put their friends/outlaws before family…smh! I date myself all of the time, as I am single, and have been since my divorce in 2008 (by choice). The one thing that I want to do but, have not done is, to move out of state and continue to live my best life!


    1. Yes, one of my fears has been shrunken . I used to find it almost impossible to enjoy my own company . When I was 16 I had to move away for school coz of life circumstances and it was soooo hard to cope and when I started taking interest in myself and also allowing God to grow me, it became so fulfulling , fun, addictive and most importantly therapeutic 🙂 :-).
      Enjoy the journey of dating yourself it is very interesting .


  2. Wow what a truly beautiful pro-self movement, Teya I think what a powerful way to value yourself! This will help teach us not to fall for all the slick sligh ways the enemy comes. Developing this self love will truly allow us to Evolve as confident beings .For even Jesus spent time alone for 40 days and nights alone! I think this concept is revolutionary ! I’m excited to here about your date! 😍 Peace and blessings beautiful ONE!

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  3. I love the s so much. What an incredible movement to make. Being comfortable with being alone is not easy but it is something I too am learning. Not to be so thirsty for the company of others, but find company within myself 💕


  4. This cool! Yeah I also used to think that the idea of taking yourself out on a date was just awkward. But it’s important to like your own company. For me a scary thing I am about to do is to cut my hair. Hahaha for some reason women are expected to always have long hair.


  5. Something that i always wanted to do but haven’t is taking a acting class. I’ll be so close to doing it then I just back out…


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